Grizzly products purchased on are NOT being sold by Grizzly Pet Products. These products are being purchased and re-sold by third parties, who set their own prices.

Recently, Grizzly discovered that several online resellers were demonstrating poor business practices (counterfeiting, price gouging, etc.), which forced us to take strict action in order to protect our product reputation and resulting customers’ trust.

Please support and purchase Grizzly Pet Products ONLY from the following list of Grizzly-authorized Amazon Resellers:

NOTE:  one of our products—Grizzly Super Food for dogs and cats—is NOT sold online. Please use our Store Locator page to locate and purchase this ultra-premium pet food at a store near you.

What About Grizzly Products sold on

Unfortunately, has been indefinitely restricted from carrying certain Grizzly products, due to their repeated failure to adhere to our online product policies.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and encourage you to visit one of our approved online vendors to find a new source for your favorite Grizzly Pet Products, or you may call us toll free at 1-888-323-5575, and we’ll be happy to assist you personally.

How Grizzly-Authorized Amazon Resellers Came to Be:

In 2016, the wild Salmon fishing season was the worst in forty years. Because our oil is sourced only from 100% wild salmon, Grizzly Pet Products was only able to produce a very limited quantity of Grizzly Wild Salmon Oil—we just weren’t willing to compromise our quality in order to stretch the quantity.

In January 2017, we began hearing from customers that third party re-sellers on Amazon—some of whom were even using our company name—used this supply issue to significantly mark up the prices of our products that they were re-selling on Amazon.

Unfortunately, there was very little that we can do about this confusion—other than to begin our own authorization process to screen and approve selected Amazon resellers.

Again, please purchase Grizzly products from the above list of Grizzly-authorized Amazon resellers in order to ensure you are getting the quality, pricing, and guarantee you’ve come to expect from us.

Better yet, locate and support an independent store by purchasing in person. Click here to find one near you >